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fUNCTIONAL RANGE assessment (fRA)

"Given the complex nature of potential screening tests and the multifactorial nature of injuries, current biomechanical screening tests are unlikely to predict injury with sufficient accuracy."

-Bahr 2016


The intelligence controlling our movement emerges from the complex interactions between millions of different body parts and the environment.  Current assessments are designed to use complex movements to predict injury.  It doesn't make sense to assess complexity with complexity!



functional range assessment

FRA is an assessment system that provides objective measures of an athlete's MOVEMENT CAPACITY for each and every joint.  It provides simple, clean information so training inputs can be directed at an individuals specific deficits. 

Mobility is the foundation to improving movement behavior and FRA allows for a picture of just how much or how little movement potential we have.

FRA guides and optimizes the training process.

Informed Programming!

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FRA Hip external rotation, PROM/AROM ratio

fra pic3.jpg

FRA Thoracic rotation

FRA Ankle dorsiflexion 

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