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comprehensive Athletic Testing

Establishing the current physical state of the athlete is the first step in generating a roadmap of training that gets the athlete from a suboptimal point to an optimal point.

The two most important pieces that give us the most quantifiable information about the current state of the athlete's system are the Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and a force plate strength assessment.


The functional range assessment (FRA) is a system that provides objective measures of an athlete's movement capacity for  each and every joint.  It provides simple, clean information so training inputs can be directed at an individual's specific deficits. 

Mobility is the foundation to improving movement behavior; and FRA allows for a picture of just how much or how little movement potential we have.

strength assessment:
Force plate Technology

The latest technology in strength assessment is force plates.  This provides us with valuable information regarding how strong an athlete is and how much of that strength can be used during fast movements.  This information  allows the coach to design a data driven, personal development  program geared towards correcting the athlete's specific deficits and focused on improving  key strength features.

Force plates detect and measure multiple strength and acceleration properties, imbalances and many other qualities that are clinically proven to enhance performance.

The testing provides rapid feedback and produces objective data with high reliability, providing training insights.

High muscular strength is considered a vital element of athletic performance.  Greater muscular strength has been shown to enhance the ability to perform sport-related skills, such as jumping, sprinting, change of direction tasks, allowing athletes to maximize potential and even reduce the risk of injury.

This technology is an essential part of our process. AthleteIQ has partnered with the guru's at Vald Dynamics to provide the very latest in force plate technology.

Our assessment process enables us to adopt a truly athlete-centric  approach when it comes to understanding human movement and performance.  The combined information gets us closer to the truth and takes the guess work out of generating a direction of progress.  It offers unparalleled insights into musculoskeletal and neural performance, fatigue monitoring, injury risk and much more. 

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