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“Chaz is beyond exceptional and knows the patterns of movement in the human body better than any professional I have met. I hands down recommend him for optimizing your movement, balance and stability whether your an amateur athlete or professional athlete. He is truly a gift in the area of human athletic performance.”

Dr. Cody Long

"Chaz's program has changed my life. When I started with him my freshman year, I dreaded the gym and was fearful of working out in front of others. Chaz showed me not only how to work out effectively and safely, but also allowed me to develop a safe haven within the weight room. From an athletic standpoint, Chaz's training methods always translated to on court performance and elevated my game to another level.  I recommend anyone and everyone to start working with him!"

-Peyton (17, Tennis)

"Chaz has totally changed my outlook on movement efficiency, how the body works and overall strength training. His knowledge behind the science of movement, athletic performance, and injury prevention is second to none.  He is not simply a trainer but a teacher.  Chaz pays attention to each clients specific strengths and deficits and strives to help them reach their athletic goals.  I have not only worked with him but observed him with numerous clients and I wouldn't for a second hesitate to recommend him for any age, any sport, or any level of physical fitness."

-Ashley (37, mom of 2)


"Working out with Chaz was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  In just one summer of working with him I gained more strength and range of motion than I ever thought I would and increased my average velocity by 2 mph.  I am throwing the hardest I have ever thrown in my life!  In addition, I have more control over my body which has directly translated to better workouts and pitching performance."

-Spencer (20, Mercer University Baseball)


"Having known Chaz for over 30 years, I am aware of his intuitive mind and keen sense of intellect.  He has demonstrated his vast knowledge time and again through our many communications.  I asked Chaz to collaborate on one of my most challenging athletes, a ninety pound Schutzhund dog, training for the World Championships in personal protection and obedience.  Chaz was successful in applying the principals of modern human performance development, but changing the biomechanical demands from a bipedal stance in humans to a quadrupedal movement in dogs. Using modern principles from both of our backgrounds, Chaz and I collaborated on an appropriate approach to develop a successful training program.  I could not give a stronger endorsement. It is my honor to recommend Chaz Adamson."  

-Caroline Adrian, PT, PhD

Fellow, IAVRPT

Animal Physical Therapist

DIrector of Rehabilitation Services

VCA Animal Hospitals

"Chaz took on training our girls and it has been amazing!  They have seen drastic time drops over the years and powerful improvements in the water.  People often comment about their reaction time off the blocks and their streamlines underwater.  Our girls have earned total time drops of over 21 minutes and 16 seconds in just over three years of training.  For those that don't understand swim, THIS IS HUGE!  In addition, both of our girls have earned state championship titles (2019/2020), set countless team records, achieved new meet records, have been named ATHLETE OF THE WEEK (Jan 2020) and SWIMMER of the YEAR (March 2020) and earned a coveted spot representing our state on the Georgia Zones Team.  We couldn't be more proud of how much they've grown while training under Chaz."


(Mom of 2 swimmers age 15 and 16)


"Training with Chaz was definitely an enlightening experience.  His awareness of each sport's specific demands is second to none.  As a professional athlete, the goal is to find a training program that translates to better on field performance.  I credit my injury free and best performing season to Chaz.  Thanks, you're the man!"

-Isaiah Aluko

MLB Minnesota Twins

MiLB Minnesota Twins Affiliated

bball player_edited.jpg

"I wanted to give a shout out to Chaz Adamson with AthleteIQ.  We have been working on my shoulders and hip mobility for my golf swing.  In a short 6 weeks I've seen great results. I've gaineed a total ROM increase of 113 degrees! Thank You Chaz!



"I have had the pleasure of working with Chaz Adamson for the last three months. While I spent years in competitive athletics, my athletic ability and desire to enhance mobility has been relegated to intense workouts and long-distance cycling the last several years. After a recent collision, I reached out to Pace Yourself to Health for cryotherapy services. On a previous visit to the facility, I had a short consultation with Chaz for training services. After the accident I had short consultation regarding my desire to get my body ready to return to the gym and cycling. I knew that the services he offered could be helpful in my recovery efforts, but I didn’t know exactly how crucial working with him would be to my overall recovery. His comprehensive knowledge and understanding of kinesthetics, strength training, and mobility is unparalleled. He is extremely relatable and works diligently to ensure that I have a thorough understanding of the purpose of each element of the treatment process. He has helped me work through my frustration with the rehabilitation process and though I’m often eager to press forward he has taught me the value of slow progress to truly allow my body time. I don’t know that I would have been able to get this far in my recovery without him."

-LaTaurus Johnson

Executive Assistant to Sheriff Craig Owens

Cobb County Sheriff's Office

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